Coronavirus and containment: the Oscars change their....

Films released on the web without browsing the cinema box, thanks to the pandemic of Covid-19, will still be ready to compete this year at the Oscars, announced Tuesday April 28 the Academy of cinema arts and sciences, which has changed temporarily its regulations to adapt to exceptional circumstances.

Normally, the Academy, which hands out the distinguished statuettes, requires that the films are screened a minimum of seven days in cinemas in l. a. before they will be selected. But Californian cinemas are completely closed since mid-March and no date has yet been decided for his or her reopening.

"Until further notice, and only as a part of the 93rd edition of the Oscars, films which had planned a theatrical release but which are first broadcast on commercial streaming platforms are often qualified", announces the Academy during a handout

The debate has been raging for a couple of years around films produced by video on demand platforms, like Netflix with The Irishman this year and Roma the previous year. Until now, that they had had to resolve to briefly screen their works in cinemas before putting them on the web to satisfy the Oscars.

"Temporary exception"
The Academy still claims to require to defend "the magic of cinema" projected on the large screen but recognizes the necessity for a "temporary exception" in its regulations, thanks to the historic pandemic of Covid-19.

Once the cinemas are ready to reopen, the Academy will set a go back which the standard regulations will resume, but films screened in cities aside from l. a. also will be eligible for the Oscars.

Academy officials, who met on videoconference Tuesday, also decided to merge two technical Oscars, sound mixing and sound editing.

In March, the Golden Globes, which traditionally inaugurate the film award season within the us , were the primary to melt their regulations to require under consideration the unprecedented situation caused by the pandemic.

The 93rd Academy Awards is scheduled to require place in Hollywood on February 28, 2021.d

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