Do you know how much money Russia allocate to control locusts attack in africa?

The Cabinet of Ministers of Russia decided to allocate up to $ 10 million of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to combat the locust invasion in African countries. This is stated in the order of the government, published on Monday, April 27, on the official portal of legal information.“To make a voluntary targeted contribution of the Russian Federation in the amount of up to $ 10 million to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations fund to finance expenses related to the implementation of measures to control the locust invasion in 2020 from the federal budget allocations,” the document says.

It is emphasized that $ 3 million each will be sent to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, and $ 1 million - to South Sudan. The order also states that the Russian Foreign Ministry should inform the FAO of the decision, and the Ministry of Finance should discuss with the organization the procedure for transferring funds and using the contribution.

In mid-April, a UN report was published, according to which in Ethiopia, locusts destroyed 200 thousand hectares of sorghum, wheat and corn crops, as a result of which about a million people were threatened with hunger. The organization noted that the situation is worsening by the crisis caused by the coronavirus, writes .

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