Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has put an end to almost all sports, there are a few hot spots in the soccer world where some leagues operate as usual.

The First League of Nicaragua is the only circuit on the American continent to always present matches. The Belarusian Premier League obtains the same distinction for Europe. In Asia, it is in Tajikistan that we still play since no case of infection has been reported there.

The nuance is that unlike Taiwan and its baseball league, this is not a resumption of activities.

The two leagues in question have never stopped playing despite the events that have paralyzed the entire planet for more than a month.

Particular situation

In Nicaragua, the situation is strange since President Daniel Ortega runs the country with the help of his wife Rosario Murillo against the backdrop of Christian piety, and the couple suggest that the country is protected by faith.

There, we want activities to take place as if nothing had happened, which means that the population is poorly informed.

The players expressed their concerns and were not listened to. On the side of the federation, we even intend to take advantage of the windfall by trying to attract supporters and bettors from elsewhere in the world.

The situation is somewhat similar in Belarus where the President, Alexander Lukashenko, does not believe that the fears relating to COVID-19 are well founded.

Supporters can watch the matches there even if the audience has dropped by around 70%. The league is also taking advantage of the situation since the BBC has revealed that 11 countries have purchased the rights to broadcast the games.

The Primus League of Burundi was the only African league still in operation, but the activities ceased on April 12 with the pretext of the need to vacate the stadiums for the holding of the elections even if we imply that the judgment is related to the pandemic.

Other exceptions

There are two other exceptions in Taiwan and Turkmenistan, where the two leagues are entering their season.

In the first case, we do as in baseball and we present the meetings behind closed doors.

On the island near China, a few rules have been put in place, such as taking players' temperatures before games. But it is emphasized that no risk will be taken and that the safety of the players is paramount. If a positive case is reported, the season will be immediately suspended.

In Turkmenistan, activities were suspended on March 13 and resumed last weekend.

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