Man sentenced to death for stealing manhole covers in China

It is possible that the death penalty could now be imposed in China for stealing manhole covers. Surprisingly, the harshest punishment has been suggested by the higher echelons of the judiciary itself.

In China, the Supreme People's Court, the Judicial Council and the Ministry of Public Security have issued a joint statement stating that anyone who breaks or disappears gutter covers is a threat to public safety. Based on this, a severe punishment including death penalty has been proposed for the culprit.

The corresponding letter states that the punishment for removing the gutter cover is so severe that on the one hand it obstructs the transport and on the other hand it endangers the lives of the people. Therefore, if these two crimes are included, it is enough to impose the death penalty.
On the other hand, the position has been taken that if the manhole is open, it is enough to destroy or overturn a car and a tram. That is why this step is gaining public acceptance.

Wan Chen, an official with China's largest public safety agency, said: "Manhole covers are often overlooked in crimes, although they are directly related to human life, personal safety and property protection. He said that the act of stealing the lid could not be termed as a common crime and the perpetrator should be given the harshest punishment.

Between 2017 and 2019, 70 people were either killed or injured as a result of stealing or removing manholes, according to China Daily. In China, manhole covers are either sold to scavengers or drivers remove their lids to wash their cars and wash their cars with the water line there.

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