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China let the epidemic get out of hand to defeat me in the election, Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that China can go to any lengths to defeat him in the election and that Beijing's decision to let the Corona virus out of control is a telling proof of that. Earlier, President Trump accused China of covering up the facts …

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Man sentenced to death for stealing manhole covers in China

It is possible that the death penalty could now be imposed in China for stealing manhole covers. Surprisingly, the harshest punishment has been suggested by the higher echelons of the judiciary itself. In China, the Supreme People's Court, the Judicial Council …

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Corona virus vaccine test on monkeys was successful

A Chinese pharmaceutical company has claimed that testing of novel corona virus vaccine on monkeys has been successful. Chinese company Synovac Biotech tested the vaccine on eight Rhesus Macau monkeys. She said that the vaccine protected the monkeys from infection du…

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