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Do you know in which country the corona virus has been completely eradicated ?

In the Australian Capital Territory, Australia's smallest administrative district, there are no more cases of the corona virus in the district, according to local officials. The Australian Capital Territory includes the capital, Canberra, and has a population o…

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More than 54000 deaths in America due to corona, more than 2.9 million corona patients worldwide

The worldwide death toll due to the corona virus epidemic has exceeded two lakh five thousand of which two thirds are from the worst affected Europe. Johns Hopkins University has given this information. Data compiled by the University's Center for System Science …

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Corona virus vaccine test on monkeys was successful

A Chinese pharmaceutical company has claimed that testing of novel corona virus vaccine on monkeys has been successful. Chinese company Synovac Biotech tested the vaccine on eight Rhesus Macau monkeys. She said that the vaccine protected the monkeys from infection du…

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